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About Hope

Hope is a Lutheran congregation within the Northwest Ohio Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The people who are members and participate in Hope’s ministries and mission are a diverse group of people from all walks of life. We believe that God has blessed us by gathering us and that the diverse views in all aspects of life are a gift. We invite you to look through the pages here on website to learn more about our ministries inside the building and our many places we serve outside the building. We would be honored to welcome you to Hope.

Inside our pews we have a card that captures our sense of welcome:

  • Regardless of whether you have been here a few minutes or several decades, welcome.
  • Regardless of what you believe, and what you doubt, welcome.
  • Regardless of whom you love and how you identify, welcome.
  • Regardless of your political party, your zip code, or your tax bracket, welcome.
  • Regardless of your family tree, welcome.
  • Regardless of your favorite sports team, welcome.
  • Regardless of where you’ve been, we are glad you are here today .
  • We are here because we seek to reflect the heart of Christ a little more today than yesterday. We are far from perfect, but hope you are blessed by God’s presence and witness God’s love through us.

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History of Hope Church

Our Mission: To be a living example of the love of Jesus Christ.

September 15, 1929, marked the first worship service at Hope Lutheran Church, and the official organization of the congregation occurred December 1, 1929, as “Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church.” In July 1940, the congregation broke ground for the facility at its home on the corner of Bancroft Street and Indian Road. Since then, Hope has evolved into the thriving, welcoming congregation it is today with a focus on serving beyond the big red doors both Northwest Ohio and around the world.