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College & Campus Ministry

As youth finish high school and take their next steps into adulthood, we recognize that there are many different paths they could take. We work to connect with them wherever life may lead them, supporting and praying for them along the way.

Graduate Recognition Milestone

Each year we recognize all of our high school, college, and graduate school students during worship and fellowship time. While this may not seem like a faith milestone, it is a huge life milestone and we want make sure to celebrate their accomplishments!

Care Packages

At least once, usually twice a year, we send out care packages and notes to all our Hope members who are in college just before finals. It is our way of staying connecting across the miles and reminding students they are loved. We have also sent care packages to members who went into the military, especially over deployments.

Campus Ministry

Hope is located less than a mile than the University of Toledo. We welcome students to participate fully in the life of the congregation at Hope. Over the last few years we regularly welcome students in worship, faith formation, and in our serving ministries. If you are a UT student and interested in attending worship, joining a Bible study or discussion group, or finding service opportunities contact Pastor Kristin.

Partnership on Campus

If you are a student at UT or connected to a UT student and are looking for ways to connect on campus, we encourage you to be in touch with TCM (Toledo Campus Ministry). TCM is caring and inclusive community that seeks to create a safe space for students to be wholly themselves and to grow in faith, community, and service together. Pastor Amy Remaklus leads worship, service, conversation, and game nights both on campus and at the TCM property adjacent to campus (2080 Brookdale or behind Parking Lot 13). Plus, TCM has wonderful green space, a dog park, a labyrinth, and lots of opportunities to find a peaceful oasis. You can find out more information and ways to donate on the link to their website below. Keep up to date on the current activities by following them on social media - Facebook at TCM419 Or find them on Facebook or Instagram