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9:00 am Sundays

Contemporary Worship

The music at this service is led by our praise team who play a variety of instruments including guitars, drums, piano, keyboard and more. The music is quite varied and includes classic songs with a twist and contemporary Christian Music.

11:00 am Sundays

Traditional Worship

This service is accompanied by our pipe organ and piano. It includes sung liturgies and traditional hymnody that the church has sung for centuries and more recent additions to the life of the church.

Current Message Series

This year the Easter season will be a celebration of the truth of the Resurrection and its implications for our very lives. Real Faith for Real Life. A few years ago, the George Gallup Organization identified The Six Basic Needs of Adults. They are as follows: To believe that life is meaningful and has a purpose. A sense of community and deeper relationships. To be listened to and to be heard. To feel that one is growing in faith. To be appreciated and respected. For practical help in developing a mature faith. The Easter season speaks boldly to the basic human needs.
  • 4/7/24
    Get real with your doubts
  • 4/14/24
    Get Real with your God
  • 4/21/24
    Get Real with your world
  • 4/28/24
    Get Real with your gifts
  • 5/5/24
    Get Real with yourself
  • 5/12/24
    Get Real with your relationships
  • 5/19/24 - Pentacost
    Get Real with your faith
Holy Communion is offered at both services. At Hope, all Christians are welcomed to the Lord’s Table for Communion; you don’t need to be a member of Hope or even a Lutheran.
If you are interested in experiencing our worship before attending in person, the links below will take you to archived recordings of our worship. We will say that those who have watched online and in person comment that the sound in person cannot be captured online adequately.


We mark holidays at Hope with special worship services. Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, All Saints Day, Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Pentecost all include something unique in worship. Check our home page for times and dates.

For Parents with Young Children

We welcome children to participate in worship services with us. However, if young children (or their parents) need a break, we have a staffed nursery for children 3 years old and younger during our worship services.

Music Ministry