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A Night in Bethlehem

You are invited to come experience the sights, sounds, and smells of first century Bethlehem.

As you approach the building, you will notice that an earlier guest seems to have parked their camel just outside the red doors. Once inside, you will be seated according to your census group, and enjoy some entertainment until the Roman centurions summon you and your family.

As you walk through the city, you will meet residents of Bethlehem making bricks, handing out dried fruits, and offering oil or perfume to ease your journey. Stop by the bakery, pottery, weaver’s shop, and the local synagogue.

Perhaps you will ask the innkeeper if there is a room available or admire the live animals. Along the way, be sure to ask about the latest news! We hear a baby has been born!

A visit to Bethlehem is completely free. It’s our gift to our community as we celebrate God’s great gift to us in Jesus Christ.

Scroll through some photos below for a sneak peek.

Parking is available on Indian and Bancroft streets with accessible parking in the lot off Indian Rd. We do not take reservations, but rarely have anyone wait longer than 15 minutes. Questions? Call 419-536-8383